Central Bank Chicanery and We, the Revenue Devices

A quick review of central banking’s position as regards currency shows us that a world wide monetary process dominates and controls all the methods of the world. Such as the 800-pound gorilla in the living room, that reality becomes difficult to ignore as soon as you see it.
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Only as it is difficult to totally understand planet earth without realizing the position of the solar process which contains it, so is also it impossible to fully understand money separate from the monetary system.

The global monetary program is really a network of 17 central banks worldwide of which the Federal Arrange Bank is the one in the U.S. Key banks are the only banks capable of issuing currency, (a individual item we spend to use), released via “fractional hold banking,” borrowed into living, and repaid with interest. This formula, named the “expansion multiplier,” in the Federal Reserve’s brochure, Contemporary Income Technicians, multiplies profits for the architects of the machine and their cronies.

Currency trickles down from the governmental stage to commercial and local banks whenever a country’s government borrows income from its main bank. Each time a company repays a commercial loan plus interest (a.k.a. the debt-service) they go on the bank-loan costs with their consumers as raises to the price tag on goods and services. Over time, what began as “easy” curiosity becomes “currencies” fascination which in-turn increases rates at an ever-faster pace.

Consequently, we, the revenue products, should increasingly perform tougher and spend more for the same basic goods and services which is why people in the 50’s and 60’s paid far less. That exponential increase in the cost-of-living is now glaringly obvious in the real estate and insurance industries.

When in energy, more energy is required to stay static in existence.

The 2008 economic meltdown tried the Fed. It employed the eager measure of dumping trillions of newly-issued income in to an ailing monetary process via a series of Quantitative Easings (QE) to “encourage” the economy, in addition to, their place of power. Their monetary strategy light emitting diode most Americans merrily down the yellow stone path of the appearance of healing and wealth.

Yet, just like the Magician of Ounce, appearances tend to be deceiving. In fact, the glut of newly-issued currency added to deeper devaluation of the dollar (now worth significantly less than 3 cents). Moving forward, the Given would have to match what the QE’s had begun. To carry on ensuring liquidity available, greater and greater amounts of currency would need to be shot in to the system.

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